Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Country Sun and Carving pumpkins

Halloween was just 8 days after Siena was born.  We were anticipating possibly not being able to trick-or-treat with the big kids because we may be in the hospital with our new addition.  Fortunately, Siena came 8 days early and we were able to celebrate with the kids.

Here are some pics from 10/21 at Country Sun Halloween Display and other Halloween events.

 Country Sun in Stillwater

Feeding the animals!

Obviously before Siena came!


Dancing on the big rock

Of Course, our kids enjoyed jumping off the big rock the most!

Guess who likes the camera...


Silly, Silly!

Picking out pumpkins...

Carving Pumpkins

McKenna putting on a show...she wouldn't really touch it.

Pumpkin guts

Mason was mad that Daddy actually made him touch it!  Yuck!

Our little pumpkin

Mason described his to Daddy (on Left) and McKenna drew hers on the pumpkin for  Mommy (on the right)

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