Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mason's Preschool Graduation

We're so proud of our little man!  When he first moved up to the preschool room I wondered how his teacher was going to handle him and how he would ever get through preschool.  In fact, I wondered if he'd get kicked out before he finished!  He was a complete spitfire, very active, ran around the room instead of working and threw fits like no one else!  Well, he grew into such an amazing little man.  He has been reading since 3 years old and is a number and math whiz.  He is super social and makes all of the teachers laugh every day!  

Before graduation, waiting with his friends....

Mason with 2 of his girls - Regan (left) and Sofia (right).  Both of these girls were in my toddler room at one point!

Entertaining as usual.

 Ms. Udi (the owner/administrator) and Ms. Deb (the director of the Oakdale location)

 The Graduate!

"When I grow up...

...I want to be a HOCKEY PLAYER!"

Lots of laughing, clapping and "of course"s!

Congrats from Ms. Marie - his teacher
and a Kiss!
Congrats from Ms. Betsy - his assistant teacher.

and HUGS! 

His girlfriend, Regan.  "When I grow up...
...I want to be a doctor!"  Lots of murmurs of approval.  Little do they know that when her mom asked her why she wanted to be a doctor she said, "Well, if I'm going to marry Mason, I'm going to have to be a doctor because hockey players get hurt a lot!"  They are so cute!

 The graduates from Ms. Marie's class! 

(L-R) William, Regan, Mason and Sofia

 Regan's family - our friends Scott, Katherine, Regan and Sawyer Lau.

 Mommy and Daddy are so proud!

 Papa Winter and Grandma Chris came to watch!