Sunday, July 29, 2012

Orin and Rissy's Baby Shower

The Stunning Cupcakes - created by Becky Kipp

 The buffet - some of the best egg bakes ever!

Filling in their game boards...Orin is pretty competitive and had to leave the room 
with Rissy for some privacy! :-)

Opening gifts - Orin is probably asking, "What's this for?"

This is the pattern of their "Gnome Themed" nursery

A special gift...
Rissy's turn to try and read the poem aloud without crying

The gift was made by Tori Merrell and is a bear made from Grandpa Vono's clothing.  Grandpa Vono just passed away a few of months ago.

The poem

Could they be any cuter?

McKenna with Tori - the creator of the bear and poem

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