Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Wedding Day to Orin and Rissy Kipp

We are so happy to welcome the newest Kipp Princess into the family. 

Last night, Orin and Rissy celebrated their wedding day at the Stillwater Public Library.  It was an amazing day full of fun!  Here are some highlights:

- Taking McKenna to get her nails and hair done
- Watching the pure happiness of Orin as he saw Rissy for the first time (yes, we were spying)
-Taking a party bus to Pioneer Park for pics (Mason's favorite)
-An amazing meal ("Breakfast for dinner-that's silly!" - said Mason)
-Relaxing fellowship of people drinking and dancing all night (McKenna's favorite part)

The wedding was an amazing success!  Well done, O & R Kipp!  We love you both and can't wait to celebrate a life full of happiness with you both!

The Pampering...

McKenna getting her hair done at Japa Salon in Stillwater

Mommy too!

So pretty!

Mommy's favorite pic!

Posing on a "perfect couch or my picture!"

Kipp Princesses #2 and #3

Getting ready at the Stillwater Library...

Party bus ride and pics at Pioneer Park...

Chris (Kipp Princess #1) and John

The whole wedding party, including ushers

Doesn't Mason have a little shit grin!

See, they really do love each other!

Orin with his groomsmen - Ben, Adam, Mason, Johnny and Steve

Park break...

It's Official!  Signing the marriage license...

Party Time!!!

Adam's grandparents - Ben (92) and Dorothy (88)

No, they don't look alike at all! ;)

The Vono cousins with G & G Vono

Ben and Dorothy with their girls - Mary, Chris and Lucy

Just the Vono girls

The girl cousins on the Vono side - there used to only be 1 girl and then all the boys got married!!!

Dancing with Grandma Winter

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  1. Loved all of the pictures! Look slike a great time was had by all!
    Love Chris