Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation and Spring Program

McKenna is officially a 1st grader!  I feel like time has gone way too fast and we can't possibly be old enough to have a 1st grader!

Both kids did a great job at their spring program too!  Unlike the Winter program where Mason walked out to the microphone at the begining of his classes performance and announced, "Welcome to the Xcel Energy Center!" we did not have any embarrassing moments!  Of course, my little hams hammed it up and both did an amazing job - especially with the Mexican Hat Dance!  McKenna showed off by doing it perfectly and Mason did anything possible to make people laugh!

Yes...that's him with the hat in front of his face!

...and now it's on the floor!

Kindergarten Graduation!

She is reading her poster about what she likes about school!  "I like doing the movable alphabet, the thousand chain and playing with my friends!"

Shaking hands with Ms. Deb - the director

Shaking hands with Ms. Udi - the owner

Getting a flower from Ms. Marie - "The best teacher in the world!"

Miniapple International Montessori Kindergarten Class of 2011!

Her best friend, Kylie

Posing with flowers from Grandma and Grandpa Winter

Posing with Ms. Marie

Our grown up baby!

The kids with Orin and Rissy

McKenna with her diploma

The kids with Ben and Becky

Both Bubbas!

Posing with Papa John and Grandma Chris

The graduate with G & G Winter

McKenna with Great-Grandma Frucci (my grandma)

McKenna with her best friend, Isabella

McKenna with her best friends - Lauren and Isabella

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