Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teddy Bear Park & MN Zoo w/Winter Girls

Teddy Bear Park 

The train climber - always one of his favs!

 Pretty girls!

The big climber

 Sand Angels


 Aren't they cute!!!!

Kieran and her boyfriend, Kevin, getting into the fun!

 Pretty Baby - always so good!

 More posing...

As it got later...the hat went on!

 The infamous posing with the bear statues!  Everyone has to do it!

Mason pretending to pee on the big statue!  Ahh, boys!

 Papa's Turn!!!

 After the park we walked downtown Stillwater for dinner!  YUM!


MN Themed Playground
Excited to see Split Rock Lighthouse


Following a map to the Zoo Farm Babies

 4 Little Piglets

3 Little Chickens and a Pesky Egg

 A tractor...every little boy's dream!

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