Saturday, July 28, 2012

2 Weeks with Keeley and Taylor!

My kids were so excited for Keeley and Taylor to come to MN to visit!  In fact, McKenna had a countdown chain that counted down the days until they visited from about 60 days on...

Showing off his dance moves for Keeley!

Happy with Cousin/Godmother Keeley

Happy with Cousin Tay Tay

In the pool with Keeley

Bath in Grandma's sink after the pool

Camping in Taylor's Falls
Mason's hiding spot in the storage space of the camper

Rainy day crafts while camping

Fawn-de-rosa deer park!  Even though it was raining, the experience for the kids was AMAZING!!!


Peacock in the distance

The Llamas

Sharing Keeley's coat

Yep...Siena got bit by the goat!  No mark or anything, just startled her!

That's what you get when you take pics of my kids these day! Ha ha!!!
Oh well, I tried!

McKenna lost a tooth and yes, the toothfairy did find her on vacation!

These are pics we took at a Diner/Mini Golf place in Taylors Falls

We got rained out when Mini golfing too!  Bummer!

Running off the course

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