Tuesday, July 24, 2012

McKenna's Dance Recital - 6/9/12

This year was McKenna's first year of dance.  She danced at Woodbury Dance Center and had an amazing time!  She can't wait for fall so she can start again.  Thanks to Amma and Papa Winter, Amma  Chris and Papa John and Auntie Becky for coming to her performance.  

Here she is getting her hair done by my friend, Ashley.  Thanks, Ashley!

Lots of curls

Her tap dance to the music, "???" from Tarzan.

 Siena slept through the recital on Amma Winter's lap.  What a good girl, it was SUPER LOUD!

Here's her jazz dance to the music, "Cheetah Baby"

 Lots of flowers!!!! Thanks, Amma Chris and Papa John, Auntie Becky and Amma 
and Papa Winter for the flowers!!!

McKenna with Auntie Becky after the recital

McKenna with Papa John after the recital

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