Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mason's Zamboni Ride!

As everyone knows, Mason is the BIGGEST Wild fan you'll ever meet!  He knows all of the players and runs around the Xcel Energy Center at every game with his Goalie mask on, his jersey and his puck and stick to play.  Season ticket holders know him and watch for him at every game.  Going to a game with Mason is like going with a celebrity - he gets so much attention.  His favorite players are #32 Niklaus Backstrom (goalie) and a plethora of other players for different reasons...#7 Matt Cullen because, "He's a scorer", #9 Mikko Koivu because, "He is Daddy's Jersey", #96 Pierre Marc Bouchard because, "He's the fastest" or #22 Cal Clutterbuck because, "He's the strongest" and the list goes on!

Mason was in HEAVEN riding the zamboni at the Wild Game.  After Mason impressed some ticket reps at Marketfest in downtown WBL with is unbelievable knowledge and passion for the game, Grandma Winter contacted her season ticket rep and they arranged for him to ride the Zamboni with Pa Pa.  When we brought Mason and Pa Pa down to ride, they told us 2 people didn't show up and Adam and I could ride too!  WOW!  Mason was mostly excited to be in "the tunnel" where the players are and to shoot on the "real goals" that they took off the rink to clean the ice.

Down at customer relations waiting to go down to "the tunnel"

Playing while he waits

Standing by a "real goal"!

Standing in "the tunnel"!

Sitting on the zamboni with Pa Pa

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