Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meeting the Wrabetz family!

As you all know, my sister and her family moved to Broomfield, CO about 1 1/2 years ago.  Going through my pregnancy with out their family here made me really miss them and always wonder how Siena will bond with them when they live so far away.

However, we had an amazing weekend and it's so fun to see M & M and how much they love the Wrabetz family! 

Mason with Auntie Chris

Keeley and I - right after measuring ourselves.  For the record, I am still taller...for now!

Bubba with "My Girlfriend, Keeley!"

McKenna with Keeley

McKenna was SOOOOO excited to see "My best Cousin" Taylor.   She actually cried when Taylor surprised her at the door - McKenna had no idea they were coming!

Tay Tay meeting Siena

Ahh, what a big cousin.  Keeley sitting on McKenna.

Singing Happy Birthday to Keeley.

All of our kiddos

Keeley loving Siena

Auntie Chris w/Siena

Auntie Chris showing off Siena's onesie - "My Auntie Loves Me"

Mom and I with our little peanut

MN Zoo with the Wrabetz Family

Siena was perfect the whole time!

The big kids with Keeley's friend, Abby.   Mason teases Keeley by saying that Abby is his new girlfriend!

Abby and Keeley couldn't resist the urge to spin around the pole with the little kids!

Back home we had a dinner with Scott's family - even though he was hunting and Estrella is away at college.

Meeting Carsyn

Attempting family pics...

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